Leverage APY & Profit Calculator

Disclaimer: This calculator is not financial advice and may not reflect data in production. Please use it at your own discretion and do your own research.
For illustration purposes only.

  • Assumes you pay the leverage fee with ARCH tokens from your wallet



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Fixed Inputs


Your Expected Results

Revenue Calculations

Adj. Collateral: 1.00% After Exchange & Network fees


Borrowed Amount: 8.73 Amount of lvUSD borrowed (and converted to OUSD)


Total position size


Lifetime Interest Earned: 5.16% Projected revenue before fees


Cost Calculations

ARCH needed for Leverage Borrowed amount divided by 1 ARCH = ? lvUSD


Leverage fee ($) ARCH cost for Leverage multiplied by ARCH price


Origination fee ($)


Open & Close Exchange Fees Exchange Fee & Slippage


Performance fee ($) Only applied to interest earned


Net Profits (After all fees)

Lifetime Net Profit


Net APY Simulated Net APY which would include all fee deductions over a year